Here are some simple instruction on how to Meditate to increase your ability to concentrate and focus.

How to Meditate:

Get in a comfortable sitting position in a quiet, candle lit place. It is preferable to try and have your spine straight, but do what is comfortable. (It is not always good to lie down, as this may make you sleepy. But again, do what works for you.) Get totally relaxed, make sure you have at least 10 minutes of undisturbed time.

Close your eyes. For a minute or so just breathe and pay attention to your breath. Breathe in and out. Focus on the sound, smell, and feeling of the air that circulates through your body as your lungs expand and contract as you inhale and exhale. If thoughts or images enter your mind, dismiss them and let them go as friends you will greet at another time. Always returning you focus to breathing.

Some find it helpful after a minute or so of relaxing, repeat to yourself the mantra calm.” Do this for a time period that is comfortable for you. Ten minutes is good, but little more or less is fine. When you are done, just stay in this relaxed state a few minutes, with your eyes closed, before you return to your daily activities.