The policy of the Church of Spiritual Humanism is that ordination should be a simple process. It should be free so that any one who feels the calling of promoting religion based on reason can have the opportunity to answer. Our church does not have layers of bureaucracy that might impede the important work of spreading the message of Spiritual Humanism.

We do require that every one that through ordination accepts “holy orders” from the Church agrees with the tenet that Religion must be base on Reason. By this we mean that the best way of learning about the true nature of ourselves and the universe around has been shown to be the scientific method. If some belief cannot be proven by this method then it will not be endorsed by the Church. As Spiritual Humanist we keep an open mind toward new ideas and will gladly adopt religious beliefs that provide proof.

Ordination means that the Church has authorized the clergy person to perform Marriage, Baby Naming, Funeral, Hand Fasting, Commitment, Affirmation of Love, Invocations, Renewal of Marriage, and holiday ceremonies. Ordained Clergy are prohibited from performing ceremonies that involve exorcism, circumcision and animal sacrifice.

If you agree with the ideas and tenets of Spiritual Humanism but do not feel the calling of ordination as a clergy person you can still join the Church as a member. Simply email us at info ( at ) spiritualhumanism.org and state that you wish to be a member and we will add you to the membership rolls. The Church of Spiritual Humanism has over 100,000 members around the world.