The Officiant’s Manual

The Officiant’s Manual, 2nd edition

An indispensable resource for anyone interested in performing religious services and rituals from a humanist perspective, particularly if you are an ordained minister and have completed our ordination program. This new edition contains much updated material with information on the history of The Church of Spiritual Humanism, dates and times for equinox and solstices, and much more.

Includes samples and suggestions for weddings, commitment ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies, handfastings, invocations, other religious services and ceremonies, and guidelines on how to write your own religious services. Also includes master copies of reproducible forms and certificates and directions on how to complete them.

(92 pages)

Table of Contents History of the Church 1
About the Church of Spiritual Humanism 2
Being a Spiritual Humanist Ordained Clergy Person 7
Essential Elements of Spiritual Humanist Ceremonies 8
Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies 9
Table of Solstice and Equinox Dates 14
Celebration of Summer, Remembering of Winter 15
Ceremony for the Consecration of Ritual Water 17
Baby Naming Ceremony 19
Child Dedication Ceremony 22
Baby Welcoming Ceremony 26
Handfasting Ceremony 27
Wiccan Handfasting Ritual 31
Commitment Ceremony 35
Nondenominational Ceremony of Marriage 38
Nontheistic Humanist Wedding Ceremony 41
Spiritual Humanist Wedding/Commitment Ceremony 49
Spiritual Humanist Marriage Vows 52
Funeral Service 53
Humanist Graveside Interment Ceremony 56
A Humanist Memorial Service 60
Graveside Service 64
Meal Blessings 65
Invocations 68
Spiritual Humanist Invocation 68
A Humanist Invocation 69
Sermons 70
Spring Equinox 2003 70
The Promise of Humanism 74
Sample Certificates and Forms 84
Completed Sample Certificate 84
Marriage Certificate 85
Affirmation of Love Certificate 85
Renewal of Marriage Certificates 86
Handfasting Certificate 88
Baby Naming Certificate 89
Ordination Postcard 90