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Newsletter #24 – The Church of Spiritual Humanism

March 1, 2005 – Philadelphia www.SpiritualHumanism.org

As Spiritual Humanists we recognize a Higher Calling, the Calling to make a the world a better place. https://spiritualhumanism.org/ordination/ Despite the centuries that have past since human reason was first used to build a better world by combating ignorance, superstition, and tyranny we still find ourselves at a crisis point in human history.

There is a powerful way that each one of us can help reason prevail and prevent our descent into a second dark age of ignorance: Spread and promote rationalism. It may seem obvious to you that all beliefs should be based on reason and the scientific method, but it is not so clear to many in the general population. The entrenched powers depend on a systematic miasma of confusion and ignorance that maintains their status and obscures spiritual truth.

We must test all assumptions, and challenge all traditional opinions, along every step of the path to understanding the true nature of the cosmos. We can only get there if rationalism is widespread and respected as a compelling vision for humanity.


A Dawning Age of Unreason
In 21st-century America, people seem to prefer placing their unquestioning faith in divine mysteries than worshipping at the altar of science.

By Will Englund February 27, 2005

Reason has been taking a beating recently, and it’s not hard to see why. If Americans are flocking to religious faith, to revealed dogma, to creationism, to a place where no one pays any heed to a logic based on if x then y, it’s because reason gave us a world that hardly makes sense anymore.

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Technology cannot be produced by faith, nor can the advancement toward religious truth.


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Sandy & Evan write:
Why is exorcism excluded from acceptable rituals an Ordained Clergy Person https://spiritualhumanism.org/ordained/ may perform. Is it the demon paradigm itself that Spiritual Humanism opposes, and if so, on what grounds? What if, hypothetically, one hypothesizes that a demon (an invisible, perhaps non-physical entity) is present and then conducts exorcism experiments of a scientific nature to investigate this field? Has this research been performed? If so, what have the findings been?
Thanks for the information and may peace be with you in these troubled times.
Sandy & Evan


Sandy & Evan,
Spiritual Humanism requires verifiable scientific evidence for religious beliefs. Since there is no such evidence that people can be possessed by supernatural entities that can be driven out by exorcism the Church does not permit this practice, especially because these rituals can lead to injury and death.
If verifiable proof that invisible, non-physical entities existed the Church would be very interested indeed! As far as I know no such research has ever achieved a positive result.

Best regards,
RA Zorger


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RA Zorger
President, The Church of Spiritual Humanism