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Newsletter #12 – The Church of Spiritual Humanism

July 18, 2003 – Philadelphia

I’m excited to report that the new Second Edition of the Officiant’s Manual is now available. This new edition is vastly improved and contains much updated material including information on the history of The Church of Spiritual Humanism , dates and times for equinox and solstices and half a dozen new ceremonies. The old edition devoted most of its 237 pages to state laws. For the second edition all the laws have been moved to a companion CD. Even though the second edition has only 92 pages, nearly all of it is ceremony type stuff. The CD also includes bonus items: 15 manuscripts of important humanist works, such as Darwin’s Origin of Species, and blank certificates in PDF format. The second edition is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to perform humanist ceremonies or services.

You can order the Officiant’s Manual through our web site at for $24.95 (+S&H). If you previously purchased the first edition we have limited time discount offer. For the next 30 days only you can purchase the new second edition Officiant’s Manual and Reference CD for $9.95 (+$4.95 S&H). For details on how to order go to


Pat Robertson Loses It in Attack on High Court
Sheryl McCarthy, July 17, 2003

Pat Robertson has finally gone over the edge.

This week on his national TV show the religious broadcaster urged his followers to join a 21-day “prayer offensive,” asking God to remove three liberal-leaning justices from the Supreme Court.

Robertson was angered by the court’s decision last month decriminalizing sodomy, claiming it opened the door to homosexual marriage, legalized prostitution, even incest. If his followers pray hard enough, God might make these sick and elderly justices see the wisdom of retiring, he said, although the underlying suggestion seemed to be that if they don’t, they could be struck dead.

“We ask for miracles in regard to the Supreme Court,” Robertson said pompously.

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All of the justices will pass away one of these days but it won’t be in answer to Robertson’s prayers. I guess that’s a fortunate thing, as he appears to be completely nuts. It’d almost be funny if he didn’t have so many watching his network and sending him money to continue his campaign of insanity.

The article goes on to detail Robertson’s staunch support for war criminal and dictator Charles Taylor. Apparently Taylor took some time off from his usual schedule of crimes against humanity to sign a
multimillion-dollar gold mining deal with Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

In our free society Robertson of course has the right to speak his opinion. In turn we have the duty to make sure this icon of the Christian right is recognized as a vehement support of Taylor and his atrocity committing minions, which is the true moral degeneracy.


If you have a question feel free to email me at info ( at ) spiritual
Can you give me a definition of ‘spiritual humanism‘ as opposed to ‘secular humanism?’ Also, would you recommend any reading material for Spiritual Humanism?
Thank you for your help… Ron


Spiritual Humanism is compatible with secular humanism. The Spiritual aspect is the awe and inspiration that comes from the natural world and our place in it. Secular humanism is less concerned with this and not at all with rituals and traditions such as wedding ceremonies. Otherwise the worldviews are pretty much the same.

We don’t have an official reading list (maybe readers could write in with suggestions?) here are a few that I recommend:

Cosmos by Carl Sagan
Life on Earth by David Attenborough
Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer


Yes Clergy Packages are available in our online store The Ordination Certificates are printed on acid free paper for extra long life, and ordained Clergy Wallet ID Cards are nice to have. The Officiant’s Manual includes information on celebrating the solstices, sample ceremonies, etc., and the companion CD has marriage laws for all 50 states and 15 humanist reference manuscripts. The fees charged for these packs are our only income and help defer the cost of the web site, advertising, PO Box, and incorporation fees.

RA Zorger
President, The Church of Spiritual Humanism