Newsletter #15 – The Church of Spiritual Humanism

October 10, 2003 – Philadelphia www.SpiritualHumanism.org

The most efficient way for a civilization to function is for all people to be treated as equals. When treated unfairly people become angry and destructive. Their productivity drops because of the distraction of injustice and the task of bringing social profiteers back into a system of equality. If every one in the community is bound by a code of equality then when we find ourselves in the minority or subject to misfortune we are sustained by the benefit of our social contract. Civilization advances when the voices of change and improvement cannot be squelched by a dominating majority interested in preserving the status quo. http://spiritualhumanism.org/improvement/


Fighting Injustice A Monkey Business C R Jayachandran/timesofindia.com September 25, 2003

NEW DELHI: Next time you feel like protesting your colleague’s hefty pay package, it’s possibly your evolutionary origin at play.

A recent study by researchers in the US shows brown capuchin monkeys refused to play along when they saw another monkey get a better payoff for performing the same work. This suggested evolutionary origin has something to do with human aversion to unfair treatment.

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The exciting thing about this experiment is that it shows that monkeys demand equal pay for equal work. If it’s clear they are not getting a fair deal their productivity drops. A sense of fairness has evolved monkeys, this seems to prove that social animals have an innate sense of fairness.

More experiments are needed but it certainly looks like this moral value is independent of species and could be a real absolute ethic.

Rather than all men being created equal and being endowed by their creator with certain rights we might find that all social creatures demand to be treated as equals as a result of the evolutionary process.


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Dear R. A. Zorger, President

Greetings from Pastor Ronnie Kayigwa of LIVING FAITH MINISTRIES, ministering 250,000 members in Uganda, please R.A Zorger. I am requesting you to find means of getting me spiritual magic powers to enables us to get more members, http://spiritualhumanism.org/directory/ I am glad that I have so for got 150,000 new members who are read to join the Church of Spiritual Humanism but all these to be done, we need to get spiritual powers.

Yours in christ service, PASTOR RENNIE KAYIGWA



I wish I could send you some spiritual magic powers but unfortunately I find that I don’t even have any myself. Perhaps you could emphasize to the many members of your ministry the awesome power of reason and logic. Only through the use of these powerful techniques will we be able to rid the world of suffering and misery.

The key to controlling our destiny is understanding the universe around us more clearly. The place to start is with education. Literacy is very important. UNESCO figures say that literacy in Uganda is only around 64%. Does your organization offer any educational programs? Just as important is science education. People must learn the way that the scientific method http://spiritualhumanism.org/method/ helps us understand the world and also the facts that have been discovered with this wondrous technique.

The reality of the vast expanse of the universe and its countless suns and planets are very spiritually inspirational. Our potential is unlimited. If you are interested in promoting this instead of magic I may be able to help you. https://spiritualhumanism.org/ordained/

RA Zorger


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RA Zorger
President, The Church of Spiritual Humanism