Thanksgiving Dinner Invocation

Newsletter #4 – The Church of Spiritual Humanism

November 8, 2002 – Philadelphia

There has been a slight redesign of the web site with a direct link to the forums and a new site map page. Hopefully this will help people to find their way around a little easier. The forums are still in beta testing stage and we encourage you to try them out. Despite a few issues I think they are successful in building a sense of community and helping people develop and express their religious views.

Here are some of the responses we received for a Thanksgiving dinner invocation:

“I always thought it appropriate; having a mixed religion gathering; to have everyone share the experiences, and epiphanies, etc. from the year and the joy, insight, etc. that was brought about from them. Also to acknowledge their growth and thank the loved ones who helped.” -TDragonlayer

“As we have earned this food, so must we earn all that we value” – blueideviking

We urge everyone to contribute to the Spiritual Humanism liturgy by posting to the Rites & Ceremonies forumĀ


Questions About G.M. Sponsorship


Leaders of two religious organizations are questioning Chevrolet’s sponsorship of a concert and prayer tour aimed at evangelical Christians, complaining that big consumer marketers should not identify themselves so closely with one faith.

But Chevrolet said yesterday that it would stand by its decision.

Chevrolet, a division of General Motors, is title sponsor of the monthlong 16-city Come Together and Worship Tour, which begins on Nov. 1 in Atlanta. The tour will feature two acts in the fast-growing genre known as contemporary Christian music, Michael W. Smith and Third Day, along with a Texas pastor, the Rev. Max Lucado.

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EDITORS NOTE: Seems like another good reason to use public transportation. There is a danger when organizations as powerful as GM endorse a particular religion, and this is a real threat to our freedom. We urge you to think twice before purchasing a GM product.


If you have question feel free to email me at info ( at ) spiritual


DANIELLE writes:

Hi, I am a stay at home mother of 2, and also a military wife. I am trying to find us a supplemental income that will be worth my while and I was wondering how do you get the jobs? How do you get people to use your services? If I knew how I could buy your kit and get started-and also pass it along to my military spouse friends/we are all looking for supplemental incomes, military pay isn’t all that great.:) Well email me back please, I’m very interested! Thank you so much, Danielle



You can promote Humanism, be of service to your community, and be compensated. Fees for performing wedding ceremonies can provide a very good supplemental income. Depending on the area and clientele an ordained minister can charge $100 to $300 (or possibly more) per ceremony. It’s not unheard of for an officiant to perform five ceremonies a week during peak periods of the spring and fall.

My advice to get started is to get a few sample ceremonies and then practice performing them. Use real people to stand in as the bride and groom, witnesses, family, and friends. Set up a tripod and videotape the ceremony. Then view it with a critical eye. Look for and eliminate any annoying mannerism you might have. Get a couple books out of the library on public speaking. Remember that during ceremonies people expect the clergy person to take charge so be prepared to do so. Also be sure to dress professionally. If your budget allows, purchase some clerical vestments or robes. You can find these at a church supply store, or online. You should become familiar with what your state laws are to make sure you don’t accidentally break them. These can be found by searching online or in the “Officiant’s Manual.” Another good place to start is with the office that issues marriage licenses in your area. They can often tell you laws and regulations and possibly help you get clients.

Finally when you are ready you can start looking for clients. Have some business cards made. Staples charges only about $20 for 1,000. It’s a good idea to print your contact info and list the services you perform, such as non-denominational weddings, baby namings, funerals, and other religious functions. Distribute these everywhere – food store bulletin boards, bridal shops, hair salons, etc. Make sure all your friends have a few to hand out just in case. You may consider advertising in a local newspaper; just make sure you get clients from it if you do. Ask your clients where they heard of you and keep track of it so you know what is effective.

That’s all the tips I have. Tell me how it works out.


Have a happy Thanksgiving.

As always Clergy Packages are available in our online store The Ordination Certificates and Clergy Wallet ID Cards are nice to have, and, of course, The Officiant’s Manual contains valuable information such as marriage laws for all 50 states, sample ceremonies, etc. The fees charged for these packs are our only income and help defer the cost of the web site, advertising, PO Box, and incorporation fees.

RA Zorger

President, The Church of Spiritual Humanism