Newsletter #38 – The Church of Spiritual Humanism

December 19, 2016 – Philadelphia www.SpiritualHumanism.org

Reason for Hope

As we approach the Winter Solstice, which is the day with shortest period daylight of the year, I feel it is very important to reflect on the reasons why this time of year is so special in so many different human traditions.

It is a dark time. It is cold and it is going to get colder. The blustery wind becomes a dangerous nuisance. The garden has no fruit to yield. It has always been a bleak harrowing time, which the weak may not survive.

Evolution is an inefficient business. To make a creature that is just slightly more compatible with its environment, billions of mistakes have to be made. Those mistakes can be tragic and painful. But the end result can be something amazing and unexpected.

That’s why we have hope. It sustains us through these dark times. It brings us joy and inspiration when we need it most.

The Winter Solstice is the holiday of hope. http://spiritualhumanism.org/solstice-and-equinox/ We need it to realize that whatever we are enduring right now there is a brighter future awaiting us and we just have to hold on a bit longer.

This Winter Solstice I want you to think about hope. If you find yourself outside on this longest night of the year, take a moment to note if the blustery winds of winter have blown away the cloud cover. Look up to the Moon, and stars, and the vastness of the Universe and recognize the sunnier prospects that lay just ahead. https://spiritualhumanism.org/ordained/


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There were several colorful responses to last month’s newsletter! Here are some of the tamer ones.


What”s the dealio? Why are you getting political now? I don’t remember any call to arms when Obama was elected. He had even less experience than Trump, at least Trump has real world business experience, Barack didn’t even have that.

I didn”t vote for Trump or Hillary (voted Libertarian), but I think you should understand that not all of your readership is unhappy with the results. My 85 year old mother was thrilled – so that makes me happy.

Please drop the political stuff – it should not be here.



Firstly I’m glad your 85 year old mother is happy. I want to note I did make it clear that I know plenty of my readers support Trump. But no matter what your political position you need to recognize that Trump’s win caused more angst and polarization than any US election in living memory. That alone is enough to make comment on in the newsletter.

As far as only “”getting political now” I need to point out that you are rather ignorant of the origins of Spiritual Humanism. Some sixteen years ago I started Spiritual Humanism as a response to both the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 and also the jingoistic responses of our leaders.

Since it’s inception a fundamental aspect of Spiritual Humanism has been holding our leaders accountable for flabby thinking and morally wrong justification of their actions. I refer you to Newsletter #1 from 8/7/2002 for your further clarification. http://www.spiritualhumanism.org/080702.php

Finally I am as hopeful as any that Trump will have a great and successful presidency. However his choice of Pence as Vice President is a red flag for him being exactly the type of leader that Spiritual Humanism was created to counter. If you think that Pence’s beliefs are acceptable for a person a heartbeat away from the presidency, then I can honestly say you have joined the wrong religion.


I love you. Thank you for these positive words.

Blessings and much appreciation,

Elaine 🙂


Hey, thanks for reading!


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RA Zorger
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