The Unique Earth

Newsletter #29 – The Church of Spiritual Humanism

February 16, 2016 – Philadelphia

The Unique Earth

Spiritual Humanism draws people who are free thinkers, skeptical of the traditional religious thoughts that have haphazardly driven so much human history. It is exciting to note that the technology of human communication is in the process of defeating this historical ignorance. The tide of human events has shifted. Of course there is still plenty of stupidity to be found, but the widespread use of the Internet has had an unexpected side effect. It is validating individual’s doubts. Before the Internet most people would not have the opportunity to investigate, nor dare to endorse, such skepticism. Our number are growing.

An example of this in the US is a steady increase in people rejecting traditional religions. This trend is even more pronounced within a younger demographic subset. Yet despite the growing intellectual rejection of muddled thought, it is our nature to yearn for and require a deeper connection to the universe and its infinite possibilities.

As Ben Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest,” and now the time has arrived for us to endow the full value of human wisdom into our moral decisions. Wisdom, not arrived at by the insubstantial musings of some ethereal mouthpiece, but rather wisdom learned by application of the scientific method. You can underwrite support for Spiritual Humanism, because now is the time to make the future a better place.


These Rare Minerals Make The Earth Different From Moon, Other Planets In The Cosmos

By Alyssa Navarro, Tech Times | February 14

Throughout the known universe, the Earth is considered significantly distinct from other planets and cosmic objects because it is the only home to living beings.

In fact, our planet’s ability to host life may be linked to the existence of rare minerals, differentiating it from others in the cosmos. In a new study that catalogued minerals on Earth, a pair of scientists found that there are about 2,550 rare minerals that make up our planet’s unique fingerprint.

Research scientists Robert Hazen and Jesse Ausubel teamed up to classify the most singular minerals on the planet.

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Some of these rare minerals are direct products of the activities of living creatures. Yet some the minerals in question seem to have been necessary for life to begin. This is akin to the chicken and egg paradox. Do we have life on Earth because of the presence of rare minerals? Or do we have rare minerals because we have life? There is a third option of course, something that causes both rare minerals and fosters the origin of life. I would speculate that the presence of liquid water is the cause of both phenomena. Nobody is certain but it looks like life originated in the oceans of early Earth. Sedimentary processes create many of the rare minerals found only here on Earth. If we do find any other life in the universe its origins will most likely be an environment with as much mineral riches as our Earth’s.


Thank you for the newsletter. It is a surprise to hear from you, as it’s been nearly 10 years since I became ordained with your organization. I have performed nearly 100 weddings as an ordained member of the Church of Spiritual Humanism!

Best of luck, and keep those newsletters coming!

Josh L.


Thanks for the words of encouragement! Yes there was a several year lapse in sending out this newsletter. When we resumed sending them a few months ago there were some technical hurdles that left the previous editions in most people”s spam folders. That has (mostly) been resolved and the newsletter is now back in action. A record of near 100 weddings is very impressive. I am really happy to hear of your great success. Keep up the good work, and I will continue to endeavor to keep things running here at HQ.



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