Humanist Funeral Services

Finding an ordained officiate for the memorial service of a Humanist can be very difficult. However if you are able to perform this valuable tribute to commemorate the life of a friend it can be extremely emotionally rewarding and of great comfort to the family and friends of the deceased. Typical funeral services by traditional clergy often lack a personal imprint from the departed. Any one can complete our ordination process and perform religious services. By encouraging family and friends prepare some words to address to those gathered can make the memorial extremely powerful, and even uplifting.

In the following service for my friend Kurt Schweiker, the order of service has space allotted for additional eulogies and personal reflections. Kurt’s sister Karla, brother Kevin, and friends Steve, Craig, and Jim all all spoke and presented a truly unique portrait of Kurt.

The service I put together used much material from Larry Reyka’s fantastic Humanist Memorial Service, And from the American Humanist Association’s Humanist Graveside Interment Ceremony, and from Robert Green Ingersoll’s Tribute to Courtlandt Palmer.

A Tribute to Kurt Schweiker

A Humanist Memorial Service

Humanist Graveside Interment Ceremony

A Tribute to Courtlandt Palmer