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Newsletter #6 – The Church of Spiritual Humanism

January 9, 2003 – Philadelphia

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Cloning claim may be latest scientific hoax to captivate public

By Bob LaMendola and Nancy McVicar January 7 2003
If the Raelian babies turn out not to be clones, it would be the latest in a long tradition of medicine and science hoaxes.

From the Piltdown man, to a Chicago physicist cloning himself, to bananas carrying flesh-eating bacteria, outlandish medicine and science claims have proven irresistible to the public and the news media for centuries.
The number of phony claims has jumped because of the Internet, said people who track hoaxes. Previously, hoaxsters had to get on the news to gain wide attention, but now they can build a Web site and send out a bunch of e-mails.

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In less skeptical times when the importance of scientific verification was not understood, claims like this may have been accepted at face value. The other claims of the Raelians, and indeed all religions, should be looked at just as skeptically. Unless there is scientifically verifiable proof of something we should not accept it as a reality.

Human cloning technology has many valid medical uses that will reduce human suffering for millions of people. However because of the probable health risk to the clone it is not yet ethically acceptable to create a clone of a human. When this technology matures we will have to re-evaluate the morality of such actions.


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